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How Are You Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis?

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How Are You Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis?

The coronavirus has infected thousands and killed hundreds around the world and it continues to spread. Healthcare organizations worldwide are working hard to treat patients, learn about the virus and quickly disseminate accurate information in many languages.

The global health emergency has disrupted operations of travel industry companies and brands with international operations. It has impacted higher education and religious institutions. Many U.S. businesses including Apple and Starbucks have closed outlets around the world. Cruises and airlines have suspended flights and operations in many countries. Entire countries like Italy are under lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus. People with signs of infection or exposure to the virus are being quarantined around the world.

Not surprisingly, fear and misinformation have spread on social media. At the forefront of distributing information to the public and employees are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health organizations along with corporate communications professionals. Even domestic organizations who now feel far removed from coronavirus may soon find themselves communicating healthcare and travel information in English and in other languages.

At el Andar Translations, we’re fortunate to have not only translators all over the world who share their experiences with the rest of us, but also actively participate in the advancement of information to help confront this serious pandemic. We aim to provide you with useful information about the situation and inform you about how you can stay healthy and productive as it progresses.

Meanwhile keep calm, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

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