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The el Andar Advantage

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The el Andar Advantage

There are cheaper translation services than el Andar Translations. If you’d like to hear what can happen when you buy translation based on price alone, call us for a few unpleasant stories. Here’s what we do to ensure excellent, accurate translations:1. We work with only the most highly qualified translators, editors and interpreters. Our translation team consists of carefully selected native specialists and talented linguists who typically hold advanced university degrees and have many years of translation experience.2. We re-qualify each translator for each project. We ensure that the translator is qualified to handle the subject matter as well as the language of the translation. For patents, for example, we use translators with appropriate scientific and technical backgrounds.

3. As necessary, the translator consults directly with the client after the job has begun. This ensures that any uncertainties of meaning are resolved quickly and accurately.

4. For even the smallest assignment, we get a second opinion. From business cards to software manuals, translators consult with other subject-matter experts to ensure accuracy. Our editors then consult with our translators to produce the final text.

We’re here when you need us.


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